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The On The Spot difference…

Fast and Convenient
Our bonded, professional drivers pick up from and deliver to your location twice a week, absolutely free. No more having to waste time dropping off your cleaning on the weekends or before and after work.

High Quality
Meticulous hand-processing combined with fully computerized, technologically advanced processing equipment ensures that your items receive the best possible treatment every time!

GREEN CLEAN - an environmentally friendly cleaning option!
We are thrilled to be able to offer Green Clean! This new system uses highly-specialized non-toxic detergents combined with a patented circulating pump system to completely remove almost all stains. At the same time it is conditioning and protecting the garment with specialized non-toxic additives. And our state-of-the-art moisture control unit reduces energy consumption while bringing the garment to the exact humidity point needed for the fabric.

Personalized Service
We take customer service very seriously. Should any challenges arise cleaning your garments, such as stubborn stains or fragile fabrics, we will call you to discuss options before proceeding.

Versatile Service
We offer both Green Cleaning and Dry Cleaning at different service levels; different packaging option and multiple billing options. Needless to say, we have something to suit YOUR needs!

Our prices are highly competitive with the major dry cleaning chains, but we pick up and deliver for free! How’s that for service?

$10 in Free Dry Cleaning for every new customer on their first order of $30.00 or more!