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How Does it Work? - Corporate Office Delivery


If your company has notified you that they have an affiliation with On The Spot, then this is how your service will work.

NOTE: To find out where your Designated Drop Off and Pick Up locations are, either contact your HR representative or email us at orders@OnTheSpotCleaners.com

Step 1 Fill out your Customer Order Form. Please mark on the order form if you would like a level of service other than your default level. You can also indicate if there are specific stains, rips, frays, or discolorations on these items.
Step 2 To help ensure that we identify stains or minor repairs (loose buttons / hems), please pin a piece of paper onto the clothing with a description of the stain or the desired repair.
Step 3 Place the Order Form and items into the garment bag.
Step 4 Place the garment bag in the Designated Drop Off location (usually a closet or an admin assistance's desk).
Step 5 We come and pick up the garment bag while you work.
Step 6 We audit the garment bag to your Order Form (if you have chosen to complete one). If there is a discrepancy in the number or types of items we will notify you immediately.
Step 7 We check every item for rips / frays, missing buttons and discolorations. If any are found, we will notify you of them and indicate them in our paperwork. This means that we can guarantee all of our items for rips / frays, missing buttons and discolorations. We will also notify you immediately should any stains be found that are difficult to remove. If discoloration or damage could occur by attempting to remove the stain you will be asked for direction on how we should proceed. In all of the above cases we cannot guarantee our normal delivery schedule.
Step 8 Your items are returned to the Designated Pick Up location on your scheduled delivery day.

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